Total Living Greens meanwhile is blueberry flavoured but it tastes of green tea strongly as well. In that wise, it is more or less like açai fruit, but it has an earthier tang. It is tastes good enough but without a doubt, I have a preference for Athletic Greens. So on the taste front, Athletic Greens emerges the winner. Price The two are both quite expensive green supplements. One can get an Athletic Greens bag for just 97 dollars. A bag contains 30 servings which translate into a price of $3.23 for each serving. If you chose to obtain a monthly order of the product, the price reduces to $77 a bag or in simpler terms $2.56 per serving.

Athletic Greens Vs. Kylea's Total Living Drink Greens – Startlingly Alike?

Athletic Greens is regarded by a lot of people as the golden standard when it comes to superfood green drinks due to the fact it possesses a broad range of ingredients which carry out just almost every purpose you could desire from a green drink.
However, Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens, though not to a certain extent as well-known, arguably is also a potent supplement. Part green superfood drink, Part protein shake, it has similar ingredients as Athletic Greens and likewise in matching amounts.
I was startled by how difficult it may be to select a favourite. Continue reading to find out the ultimate choice.
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In the case of Total Living Drink Greens, a 30-serving bag costs $99, it translates to 3.30 dollars per serving. Also, Kylea offers a monthly payment service which brings down the rate to $84 per bag or simply $2.80 per serving.
The winner, therefore, on the price front is Athletic Greens due to the fact that it is cheaper despite having better taste and some other properties which I am still going to mention.
There are seventy and five ingredients in total inside Athletic Greens, and they are all related to some sort of health advantage.
There are namely the algae: chlorella and spirulina, the grasses: alfalfa and wheat grass, and a variety of powdered vegetables and fruits that all join to deliver a big smash of micronutrients and antioxidants.
Also, there are several herbs and roots related to the whole enchilada from liver health to better immunity, stress management, healthier blood sugar, mental clarity, and overall longevity.
These ingredients include eleuthero root, rosehip, beta glucans, milk thistle, astragalus, reishi mushrooms, and Rhodiola rosea. There are as well probiotics numbering 7.2 billion from two bacterial strains to improve digestive health.
Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens has similar ingredients as Athletic Greens and in approximately matching amounts as well.
Both have wheat grass, spirulina, and, chlorella, which is somewhat of a sacred trio in the greens powder production – just about every worthy product comprises in some measure the three of them.
It is also worthy of note that Kylea possess fourprobiotic bacteria types whereas Athletic Greens possess just two. That is, in fact, essential, as possessing a varietyof bacteria of the gut is vital for health of the gut.
It is a close contest, but Athletic Greens possess more ingredients which has a broader range of benefits and so under the ingredients heading, Athletic Greens once more emerges as the winner.




As I have earlier stated, Athletic Greens possess more ingredients related to more welfares,

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The list includes a dose of beta glucans to help regulate blood sugar, antioxidants to delay

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The nutrition outline of Athletic Greens is also remarkable: 332 percent of the daily Vitamin E, 700% of the Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin C, 466% of your regular Vitamin B12, as well as around 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake of K2, B12, B6, B2, zinc, and biotin.Though it was stated in the “ingredients” segment that Kylea’s product possess several similar components as Athletic Greens, in ashwagandha, adaptogenic mushrooms, rosehip, beta glucans, and other specialty ingredients, it falls short.

However, Kylea comes ahead in the mineral and vitamin department. It has a lot more chromium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin D, and some other trace nutrients than Athletic Greens. These minerals and vitamins have been mixed into the powder – they do not occur naturally from the milled vegetables and plants, making this actually more of a multivitamin-plus-greens powder than an actual greens supplement.

It is also worthy of note that there are 11 protein grams for every scoop of Kylea’s Greens Drink, which makes it more anabolic but having as well thrice the number of calories which is 120 calories in comparison to Athletic Greens.Therefore, in the long run, it is hard to compare both products for the reason that Kylea has created a mixture protein-multivitamin-greens drink, which puts it in a diverse group altogether to Athletic Greens.

Well, I would believe if you desire a supplement that is very high in minerals and vitamins like Kylea, you will be more inclined to just purchase a multivitamin. Also, if you desire a drink that is all-natural and provides several benefits such as immunity, cognitive benefits, stress reduction, etc., you will probably get the better out of Athletic Greens.So, even though it is also a close on, Athletic Greens trounces Total Living Drink Greens in terms of potency and effectiveness.A close contest this really was and they are both superb items but on the whole Athletic Greens emerges as the winner because it is lesser in price, has a better taste, it fits the description of a greens drink better, and it possesses more constituents that provide a broader array of benefits.

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